Ben Roose

Wichita State Univeristy EECS Systems Administrator

Ben Roose spent much of his early life working in the theatre and dance performance industry, but has been playing with Linux boxes since the mid-2000s. His hobby of building computers in his living room evolved into a full-time job later in life. Ben holds a masters degree in computer networking and is currently the systems administrator for the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Wichita State University.
When it comes to talking about Linux and Open Source, Ben attempts to combine the academic theory of his graduate training in computing with a healthy streak of practicality from on-the-job experience.

Can an Android Device be Open Source and Functional?
A discussion on how to use Open Source components within Android mobile devices. The talk includes tips and tricks from personal experiences using only Open Source Android app repositories during the last six months.

This presentation covers:
Six layers of functionality within Android mobile devices six six layers of functionality layers of functionality
Discussing Open Source options for each of the six layers
Introducing “modders” terms and tools for installing Android
Hard lessons learned using only Open Source Android Apps
Tips for staying Open Source inside the Google ecosystem
Options to roll your own private cloud service for synchronization with Android devices

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