James Ginns


I graduated from Truman State University in 2009 with a BA in English. Being introduced to Linux through Ubuntu 12.04, I developed an interest in programming, and shortly afterwards source control. I saw its potential in creative writing, and having used it in my latest novel, Theatre of Hades, I can safely say I’d never do a large creative writing project without git.

Use of Git in Non-programming Environments
Git’s application is overwhelmingly for programming, but how does it stand up for other text-based projects? Novels, sheet music, chess games, they can all be tracked with source control. How does git hold up in application with them? Is it useful? How might diffs, logs, and commits change outside git’s intended application? This talk explores both my experiences in using git for novel writing, and looks at how git becomes useful in any text-based project, including programming.
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