Joe Maloney

iXSystems/QA Supervisor

I am originally from Wichita, KS. I started my career administrating FreeBSD servers in 2004 at Sumner Communications Wellington, KS. This later led to me writing an article for BSD magazine, becoming an active committer for the PC-BSD project in 2013, joining ixSystems, and helping to produce TrueOS in 2016. I am the Lead Systems Architect for the TrueOS project sponsored by iXSystems.

TrueOS: A rolling FreeBSD with OpenRC
This talk gives an overview of the FreeBSD boot process, OpenRC history, and why we chose it for TrueOS. It goes on to explain how we were able to solve various challenges by moving away from rc.d. It also explains how we handled the migration, details about the various new commands, and differences. The talk will include a code example, or two which should suit potential committers who want to help out. It should also suit newcomers just wanting to learn more about OpenRC, or TrueOS.
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