Ken Moore

iXsystems/Senior TrueOS Developer

Ken Moore is a senior developer on the TrueOS project and author/creator of the Lumina desktop environment.

Lumina: A Fresh Approach to Desktops
The Lumina desktop environment is a new approach to the desktop environment paradigm with an emphasis on modularity, compliance with standards, and minimalism. It is written completely from scratch using the Qt5 and XCB libraries and eliminates the need for many common system-level dependencies (specific init systems, consolekit, policykit, hald, and dbus for example). This session discusses the specifics of the project and covers many topics: dependency minimization, build procedures, utility compartmentalization, bulk customization, future enhancements, and more. Time permitting, there is a live demonstration of the desktop in a multi-monitor situation planned, as well as a detailed question and answer session.
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