Mathew Robinson

Kroger/DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer for The Kroger Co. and recently transitioned all development teams at Kroger to git from SVN. After training so many developers on the use of git, Mathew has cut out the cruft of git so that you can get started and start working.

I Don’t Git It
How do I use git? What is a commit? Why are we using forks instead of spoons? What is version control? In this talk, I will be demonstrating how to use git (no prior knowledge necessary) as well as why to use git and, almost more importantly, when NOT to use git. I’ll be speaking with a focus on how you can take this knowledge to contribute to open source projects and there will be a demo making a contribution to an open source project on GitHub. By the end of this session, you will be able to start using git in your own projects as well as beginning to contribute to others.
How to Start a (Successful?) Open Source Project
Have you ever wanted to start a new Open Source project but weren’t sure to start? Have you wondered how projects get contributors and generate interest? Come to this talk to learn the lessons I’ve learned the hard way from starting the Praelatus project.
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