Michael W Lucas


After twenty years in system administration, Michael W. Lucas became a full-time independent tech author. His non-fiction books include Networking for Systems Administrators, FreeBSD Mastery: Storage Essentials, Sudo Mastery, and Absolute OpenBSD. His latest book is “PAM Mastery,” although his book on OpenBSD web services had better be out before Kansas Linux Fest if he knows what’s good for him.

Untangling PAM
Pluggable Authentication Modules, or PAM. PAM is one of the most poorly understood topics in system administration, unlike any other Unix access control mechanism. For many sysadmins, touching PAM is like handling a live rattlesnake with your bare hands; you might get rid of the snake and make things better, or you might win a couple weeks in the hospital.
You’ll learn how PAM makes decisions, some common pitfalls, and how you can use PAM to actually simplify your network, your authentication, and your life. We’ll have traditional PAM syntax, Linux-PAM’s extended controls, interesting PAM modules, and more.
Sudo: You’re Doing It Wrong
You all use sudo–it ships with almost every Unix-like operating system. You might even know that sudo has features you don’t use. This talk will take you through some of sudo’s lesser-known features, including: managing unlimited numbers of machines and operating systems (either with a single policy file or LDAP), using sudo for intrusion detection, logging, debugging, and replaying sudo sessions, and more.
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