KLF 2018 and beyond


The current KLF committee is looking for others to join and take the lead in planning the next Kansas Linux Fest.
It has never been our intention to keep KLF in a the same town each year and after 2 successful Fests in Wichita, the current planning committee would like to offer up moving KLF to another town for the 4th Fest.

We are not “abandoning ship,” but are looking for a fresh venue, ideas, input and want others to encounter the rewarding experiencing of helping to plan an event like KLF. The existing committee is still around and intents to helping keep things running smoothly and act as a back-end reference (so that a new group wouldn’t be “starting from scratch).

We do not necessarily think of this as a permanent passing of the planning from one group to another; a group taking on the 4th KLF is not “on the hook” for planning of all future Fests.  If your group is interested in planning only a single year, that is perfectly fine!

If you, a group that you are involved with, or several groups are interested.  Please contact us at info@kansaslinuxfest.org (or to talk live, find us on IRC at irc.kansaslinuxfest.org #kansaslinuxfest ).

Thank You.