Mark Arrasmith

Wichita State University, Mathematics Department – Information Systems Specialist / Senior Educator

Since 1996, Mark Arrasmith has been an unclassified professional with the Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Physics at WSU where his two part position includes Mathematics Instruction and System Administration. He was first introduced to Linux by migrating the department’s Sun SPARCstation to Red Hat Linux in 1997, thereby experiencing how just a little bit of freedom will flip your world upside down. As a teacher his advice for teaching: “Love your subject and Love your students … even when you don’t like them”.

Broken Trust
Every sysadmin has been tempted to be the Bastard Operator from Hell. And in our world of social media, metadata, remote cloud storage, and private personal lives spread across unencrypted corporate servers, this temptation is being acted out. So what now? What are the risks? And how can we provide solutions to empower individuals?
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