Mathew Robinson

MongoDB / Software Engineer

Mathew Robinson is a Software Engineer on the Platforms team at MongoDB. He spends his days contributing to open source, arguing about C/C++ build systems, and arguing about packaging formats. At nights he works on various rust projects.

Cover Your AWS: Securing Evergreen @ MongoDB
At MongoDB we’ve built an open source continuous integration system called Evergreen. Mathew Robinson formerly worked on the Build Team at MongoDB where he was responsible for keeping the infrastructure for Evergreen up, happy, and most importantly secure. This means patching and maintaining 800+ EC2 instances. During this talk Mathew will tell you a war story of problems they ran into and how they solved them using features of AWS, then automated the process with Terraform.
How to Start a (Successful?) Open Source Project
If you’ve ever wanted to start a FOSS project that was bigger than a weekend hack fest this talk is for you. Mathew Robinson has started many fosses projects and has learned the hard way many of the lessons prospective FOSS leaders should know. Come to this talk and learn what Mathew wished people had told him before he tried to take on project management.
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