Eric The IT Guy

The IT Guy/Solutions Architect/ Gitlab

Eric is currently a Solutions Architect for Gitlab. He is also a Podcaster, OpenSource Enthusiast and a Gamer

Getting Started with Open Source
So, you are interested in technology, you want to contribute to something bigger than yourself, you can’t wait to join a global community…but where do you start? Is coding the only way in? Let’s take a practical look at how to go from consumer to contributor!
Busting Security Myths with Open Source
Developers are constantly being asked to make more and more powerful applications. The more feature-rich the application, though, the more prone to risk it becomes. Many have thought the solution is to keep the code base locked up tight, that open source is undesirable. The truth, however, is quite the opposite! More eyes on code has proven to increase the quality and security of the modern application.
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