Craig Comstock / Application Developer

I have worked as a hobby for about 8 years on osmocom-bb. I currently work on “securing the worlds connected devices” for as a member of the CFEngine team. My goal is to create a less distracting phone device in the form of a no-screen rock-like object.

Shell-based phone via PostmarketOS
I would like to describe and show a demo of a shell-based (kernel framebuffer+bash) phone interface I am working on on top of PostmarketOS. A glimpse is here:—handwriting-for-linux-touchscreens
Porting Osmocom Baseband Firmware to Mediatek Chips
I will describe and demo my work on porting osmocom-bb to Mediatek 6235/6260 devices. Currently I have some transceiver functionality working. By the fest I hope to have some DSP data transmitting onto the air.
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