Neal Fultz

njnm/ Principal Consultant

Neal is a stats consultant and recovering software developer. His decade or so of experience had him developing predictive models and tools across many domains, including programmatic advertising, Bayesian marketing, satellite tracking, and inter-species lizard aggression. Neal is an open-source enthusiast and is a core contributor to several R, Python and GNU projects. He enjoys mentoring working professionals that want to become more quantitative, and helping non-profits that don’t necessarily have the resources or skills internally to analyze their own data.

He is a Washburn University and UC Berkeley alumnus. He lives in Los Angeles, and operates a boutique data science, machine learning, and R&D consultancy.

Dotfiles – A Survey
Dotfiles are the hidden configuration files in your home directory that are created and used by nearly every Linux program. They have been called the “secret sauce” for developer productivity and often represent years (often decades!) of accumulated wisdom. Sharing personal dotfiles via git is becoming popular on HN, Reddit, tildes, and other Linux and tech-focused communities.
By scraping and indexing several thousand git repositories, this talk presents the first large scale survey of dotfiles in the wild. We explore macro trends in dotfile usage and identify key differences between online communities (vim and emacs, for example) as well as highlight common best practices .
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