Spencer Hunley


Spencer Hunley is an autistic professional, open-source assistive technology enthusiast, and proud Linux user since 2008. His fascination with assistive technology began at the UMKC Institute for Human Development, where he led an initiative to utilize Linux-based operating systems on netbooks given to youth with disabilities to decrease cost and maximize accessibility. Currently, Spencer works for the USDA Digital Infrastructure Services Center in Kansas City, Missouri.
He previously spoke at Kansas Linux Fest in 2017, discussing CryptoParties and basic ways of securing and encrypting one’s data. In his spare time, Spencer enjoys yo-yoing, attending Sporting Kansas City soccer games and trying out new/obscure Linux distros. His knowledge of Linux comes largely from independent study.

Building your own NAS device with an SBC and Legos
This talk will cover my own endeavors to build a low-cost, low-power, locally-networked, wireless NAS device using a single-board computer, a couple of drives and Legos. It will begin with using a raspberry pi, some external 2.5″ drives and some initial prototype builds of the actual structure to hold the SBC and the drives, then moving to a more powerful and efficient SBC, as well as a better structural design; finally, usage of Open Media Vault as the primary operating system will be covered. No prior experience needed for anyone attending this talk.
Contact Info
Email: spencer.hunley@gmail.com